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A Work Visa Is For People Who Want To Work & Live In Australia

The 457 Temporary Work Visa is the most common visa for employees intending to work in Australia. This visa is intended for employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia temporarily. The visa applicant can remain in Australia up to 4 years.

There are 3 visas that are required to be applied for before the applicant can enter Australia & these are:

1. Sponsorship

Before the sponsorship can be granted, the sponsoring business must apply for the right to sponsor overseas workers. This visa will be valid for 3 years.

The sponsoring business will be required to show that:

  • the persons employment or business activities will:

(a)  contribute to the creation or maintenance of employment,

(b)  contribute to expanding trade or improve links with international organizations or Markets, or

(c)  enhance competition in the market place.

 2. Nomination

Your employer will need to nominate you to fill in one of the positions on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) list. This visa will be valid for 12 months. The nomination can be lodged before, or at the same time as the nomination.

 3. Visa Application

Before you can be granted the visa, you must show that you possess the required skills, experience and qualifications, you have achieved a score of at least 5 in the IELTS test, you have obtained the required licence and registration for the nominated position, you have obtained health insurance for the duration of your stay as well as the required health and security checks.

The visa application can be lodged at the same time as, or after the nomination. However, it must be lodged within 6 months of the approval of the nomination.

If you are no longer employed, you must either find another employer who will sponsor/nominate you for employment, apply for another visa or you must leave Australia within 28 days.

Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

The Employer Nomination Scheme is designed for employers who wish to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia permanently. The visa applicant will need to have worked in Australia in the occupation for at least 2 years

To qualify for this visa, you must have worked in Australia in the nominated occupation for at least 2 years immediately before lodging the visa application or have qualifications that have been assessed as equivalent to Australian standards by the relevant assessing authority and have been be nominated for a position where the base salary is paid the same as a highly paid executive in a corporation.

The primary applicant will be required to demonstrate vocational or competent English whereas the secondary applicant will be required to demonstrate functional English. You must hold any licence or registration to perform the role. You may bring their family to Australia.

Work & Holiday Visas

There are two working holiday visas (Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 and Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417). These visas were introduced to allow young people from eligible countries to enter Australia for holiday and work.

You will be eligible for the Work and Holiday visa Subclass 462 if you hold a passport from Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and USA. A Work and Holiday visa can only be granted to people aged between 18 and 30.

You will be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 if you hold a passport from Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.