With Over 10 Years Experience In Partner & Spouse Visas - We Can Help!

Our Registered Migration Agents and Experienced Immigration Solicitors will be able to assist you to apply for a Partner visa, de-facto visa, fiancé or prospective marriage visa from outside Australia or inside Australia.

Depending on the status of your relationship and the location of the applicant at the time of application, you and your partner may be eligible for a

  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Offshore Partner Visa
  • Onshore Partner Visa,
  • De Facto or Fiancé Visa
  • Permanent Partner Visa

If you intend on marrying your partner in the near future or have resided together in a de facto relationship for a period of time and would like to sponsor them to live in Australia, we highly recommend that you speak with one of our qualified Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers who can discuss the financial and practical implications for each Partner Visa.

Potential Issues With Partner Visas For Australia

Although the Partner Visa may seem like a straightforward application, there are many potential issues and factors which may impact on the success of your application. You may be prevented from sponsoring your partner if you have previously sponsored another person. This may depend on whether the previous application was lodged successfully and how long ago it was lodged. Your Permanent Visa may be granted earlier if you have been in a long term relationship or if you have children. We will ensure that you and your partner satisfy all the requirements for a Partner Visa and will inform you of any restrictions during the initial consultation.

If your relationship breaks down before your Permanent Visa is granted, you may be allowed to stay in Australia in certain circumstances. You should contact us as soon as your circumstances change so that we can advise you what to do next.

How We Can Help With Your Partner & Spouse Visa

The Migration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents at Andronicos Migration Lawyers can help prepare and lodge your application for a Partner Visa. We will advise you and your partner’s eligibility, the requirements and the documents needed to put together a successful application. If your partner is currently overseas, we may be able to help you bring them over to Australia on a Visitor Visa whilst your offshore Partner Visa is being processed. We will also monitor the application and answer any requisitions on your behalf whilst it is being processed by the Department of Immigration.