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Migration Review Tribunal/Refugee Review Tribunal

When your visa has been refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, you may be able to lodge an application for review to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT). The MRT or RRT has been established to consider your case afresh and allow you to present new information to the tribunal.

If the MRT or RRT affirms the Department’s refusal decision, you may lodge a request to the Minister for Immigration for intervention in your case or you may lodge an appeal to the Federal Court.

Ministerial Intervention

The minister for Immigration may intervene in your case where your application for a visa has been refused by the MRT or RRT. The Minister for Immigration has powers to personally intervene in your case where either a migration visa or refugee visa has been refused as long as compelling and compassionate circumstances exist.

You may be eligible for Medicare and apply for permission to work.

Federal Court

You may appeal to the Federal Court where a legal error exists after the MRT or RRT has affirmed a decision to refuse your visa